Prayer for the Feast of St. Peregrine

Prayer for the Feast of St. Peregrine

A New Prayer written by the St. Peregrine ministers for the 2021 Feast of St Peregrine Laziosi, OSM

Brother Jesus, risen to new life, we joyfully celebrate Your Easter victory over sin and death, after You humbly shared with us the pain and joy, the fragility and wonder, of life lived in human flesh. You truly are our hope and promise, as we continue to face a global health crisis, and individual illness, whether our own or that of someone we love. As we also celebrate the feast of St Peregrine, patron of persons with cancer and other serious illness, we open our hearts to express three essential prayers: “Help! Thanks! Wow!”

Help! Lord of mercy, You have heard this word often. It may be our most frequent prayer, especially when we are sick, or when we care for and support someone who is ill. Confident in Your constant and compassionate love for us, we continue to petition for health and wholeness, and for an end to the coronavirus pandemic, for all people throughout the world.

Thanks! How can we ever forget, gracious Jesus, to express our gratitude for Your gifts of healing! Though we have not always received exactly what we desired, You have surprised us with deeper and longer-lasting kinds of healing: of a relationship, an attitude, a memory, or our struggle to trust and depend on You. We are thankful for progress toward ending this plague, and for the first-responders, healthcare professionals, essential workers, researchers and those who administer the vaccine, care-givers, family and friends who have been with us and cared for us during our times of greatest need.

Wow! And sometimes, Your Spirit has amazed us with incredible miracles, beyond our expectations, as you did with St Peregrine! You cure us, bring us out of isolation and loneliness and quarantine, and gift us with precisely what we ask for! And more! Wow! We praise You for Your faithful and powerful love, which delights and energizes us, and which transforms us, and our world, even a little at a time.

We pray all this through the intercession of St Peregrine Laziosi, as we celebrate his feast with the hope and joy of Easter, and with continued petition, thanks and praise! Amen.