Every gift to the Servites makes a difference in the lives of many people in need. 


On this #GivingTuesday 2020, we are seeking donations for the Servites working in the Vicariate Apostolic of Ingwavuma, our mission in South Africa. The Servite Friars of the Vicariate, which has been entrusted to the care of the Servites since 1948, are in need of a new vehicle. The Servites there own only two vehicles, one of which is nearing the end of its useful life with 338,000 kilometers on the odometer. This is the larger of the vehicles and is used to transfer the six Servite students between semesters to and from the St Joseph Theological Institute in Cedara, South Africa, where they are studying for the priesthood. This is round trip of nearly 8 hours and a newer and more reliable vehicle is necessary. 

The cost of an appropriate and safe mini-van for transport is nearly R 555 000 (South African Rand) or 36,000 dollars.


Your generosity helps us to form the next generation of native Servite priests who will continue to bring the compassionate love of Jesus and Mary to those in most need of it. If you are unable to give at this time, please say a prayer for the Servites and people of the Vicariate as they grow and face the challenges of becoming a self-supporting diocese of the Church. You are in our prayers. Thank you. 

African Students

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