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Holy Mother the Church, May Christ cleanse the Church of all the evil and unfaithful ministers and clergy and religious who are no longer following His word as He cleansed the temple When on Earth God have mercy on us who cry out to you

kathleen r

Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
john & gertrude roach, john & carol roach, peggy foote, joyce & jim miller, peggy ann moore, sally jean baldetti,
Fr Jim, gloria, georgia lou, eva, vern

Patricia G

Terence Gregory, Charles Gregory III, Chuck Gregory, James P. Riley, Ella & Charles Neuman, Keith & Kenneth Kellum, Mickey Neuman, Holy Names sisters.

Jessica H

For my Grandma, Grandpa, Linda, Uncle Johnny Auntie Rose Uncle Joe and Micheal (My cousin's son} May they all rest in peace and have all gone marked with the sign of faith.

Thank you very much!!

Theresa S

Prayer Petition for: Return to the Church
For the intention of our children to return to the Catholic Church.
For the soul of my mother, Anita Pompili.
my aunt & Uncle; Frank & Ruth Perri,
Helen & Paul Rooney, Beatrice & Gerald Lisanty, Carmella & Theodore Lombardo.
My friend; Kenny Dillon

E. L.

Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
John Posey Bailey


R.I.P.-James Dunn, James W. Dunn, Catherine Dunn,Geo Kerver,Valerie Kerver,Gloria Dunn,David Plummer,Geo kerver II,Joan Kerver,Robert Kerver,Francis Kerver,King Kerver,Dorothy Kerver,Ellenor Hellen,Joe Hellen,Virginia Curry,Richard Dunn.Adelie Brown,Donny Gaston.

Patricia F

Prayer Petition for: Physical health

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