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Rosa G

Healing for my husband Juan from prostate cancer spreading to brain, lung, & back bones, healing for my 9 yr. old granddaughter Loren's leukemia, healing for my cousin Diana's bone cancer & paralyzed legs, healing for 9 yr. old Aaron who relapsed from testicular cancer for 2nd time, healing for 8 yr. old Jaylee from leukemia.

Martha I

Prayer Petition for: Strength in trying times
I pray for peace, freedom, liberty from the c program. I pray that God will grant me the means and opportunity to prove that I am not dgs and that I am ready for restoration. I pray that God will close this chapter of my life very soon and allow me to be a private citizen. I pray that the Holy spirit enlighten and guide me, kc, kk, jc, ll, edlc, mm. I pray that my enemies will not laugh or triumph over me. I pray that my uncle receive the help he needs. I pray for the safety and health of my mother, uncles, cousins, aunts, brother, sister, nieces, nephews and myself. I pray that the cyst I have will go away and I will not have to have surgery. Jesus in YOU I trust.

Victoria W

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
St Peregrine
Please watch over my doctors and please help them cure me of my cancer. So I may live a long life with my family Amen


Prayer Petition for: Devotion to St. Peregrine
Thanks be to Saint Peregrine for your assistance to me no doubt following my prayer at St Juan Capistrano all those years ago for anyone suffering cancer (I knew none). Little did I know then that my dearest wife would convert and succumb 13 years later to the dreaded disease. John from Sydney


Prayer petitio for Teodoro soul.
For a safe trip for my husband and I to Panama, hoping to find a good place to retire.
To keep love each other and be happy to be together in faith.
For my check up to be OK for my husband shoulder to feel better
Thanks for all prayer and I will keep pray for all in needs

cynthia p

Prayer Petition for: Devotion to Mary
please pray and cure cynthia p cancer


pray for good health
for kayvinroy


cure her throat and chest

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