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Could you please pray for Craig who has lung cancer. Thank you and God bless you.


Prayer Petition for: For my parent(s)
Please pray that I may be given wisdom in discerning whether or not to join the Roman Catholic Church.
Additionally, please pray for my parents and me. As I have yet to tell them that I am considering joining the Catholic Church. I could see this ending our relationship.


My husband passed away this past year from esophageal cancer. A friend lost her young son, many others lost loved ones.
Prayers for all who have passed please, but those who remain here on earth need prayers to.
Prayers for their faith,health, financial stability, and mostly for their wellbeing.
Thank You and may God Bless You.


dearest I ask you to pray for me, I am losing faith and hope, I feel depressed and many days I think of suicide for many reasons: because no one helps me find a good job (which allows me to experience) suitable for me and as close as possible to me. I can't meet any girl or friends in my village, I suck at everyone, and therefore I don't feel loved by anyone or even by my parents (everyone treated me like a disposable object, I suffered bullying at home and at school, my mother hates me to death and brings anger into my family). And finally I can't convert and live like a true Christian, because I can't find a holy priest to help me seriously. Pray that in my parish a new traditionalist holy priest may arrive who brings faith and the sacred back to my country and can collaborate with him. Help me I'm desperate, I'm throwing 24 years of my life into the wind. Don't abandon me


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please say the Miracle prayer for me, my son, and my husband.We are worn out with awful health problems that never go away for all our married life 40 years.My son is also not keeping well either.He has numbness in his stomach and groin area.This was caused by anti depressant pills and is a severe side effect. He has no job no girlfriend and no life. Please pray for a Miracle for us we need healed. Please get many people to pray for us.Thank You.


Prayer Petition for: Employment
I'm jobless, I have severe depression. Feeling suicidal. Please pray for me. I need a miracle.


Prayer Petition for: For my spouse
Please pray for my husband, Jeff. He is battling sarcoma which has led to the amputation of one his legs. He is awaiting results of a lung biopsy. Please pray for a full healing and recovery for him. He is the father of 5 and a loving husband. Please pray that God's will be merciful for my husband. Thank you so very much.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please pray for my sister, Liz. She is the mother of 5 children. She is undergoing chemotherapy for colon cancer. Please pray for a complete healing. Thank you.

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