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Prayer Petition for: Return to the Church
John McK and Etta K


Please pray for Kareem, Jamaal, Keith and MItzi for Physical, spiritual healing. Guidance and protection. In The Name of Jesus Christ. Thank you.

Helen K

Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
Mike & parents Mickey & Eugenia Krone, my parents Edward & Harumi Hasegawa & sister Carol Tesoro, all deceased relatives & friends, those I have enrolled, all poor souls in purgatory especially those who have no one to pray for them & my prayer list.

Louis O

Poor Souls.
Deceased: Elizabeth Ott, Sarolta Puppak, members of the Ott, Orosz, Puskas, Martincsak, and Balla families

Christine B

Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
Laura Serra

Maria Q

Please help , heal my knees and back pain.ive bee suffering for so long.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Dear Friends In Jesus, please would you pray for dear baby Huxley who is only 10 months old, who was diagnosed with a very rare cancer at the age of 8 months, he has been crying a lot, even though he is much much loved by his Mum Belinda, Grandma Julie and aunty Laura. We pray for Grace, and more Grace, for healing, for wholeness, that little baby Huxley will feel the close Presence of our Good Good heavenly Father, and dear Holy Spirit breathing deep within Huxley, please Lord Jesus, we pray for a full cure, a full healing, in your most Beautiful Name. We pray dear Mother Mary, dearest Mother of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and our Mother too, please and thank You for holding baby Huxley in your sacred heart, and keeping him in Your Motherly Care. He had been developing extreme rashes if he touches anything plastic, which is what most toys contain, and the authorities also suspect diabetes, there are only 2 other reported cases of this cancer, both in South America, and now our dear Huxley on the border of Queensland and New South Wales. We boldly pray that Huxley live in God’s Heart on earth for many blessed years, we pray he experience all of earth’s delights as our heavenly Father ordained, and that Huxley enjoy learning, friendships, and life’s fullness, all that Jesus enjoyed while on earth until God calls little Huxley home in the fullness of time. We pray for strength for the journey for his family, Belinda, Julie and all those around Huxley. We pray for JOY, for much laughter and abating tears, for much tickles and cheers, with much love, Andrew and Nadine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Karl L

Prayer Petition for: Devotion to St. Peregrine
Please pray for; all who suffer from cancer and the medical staff, family and caregivers; that God's Will be done; and in thanksgiving for my cross.

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