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Prayer Petition for: Strength in trying times
Dear Lord, I am praying for David and Magda, Maria and their kids, that they would come back to You. Guide them every day and help their family to move on in love. Send your Angels to help them. Send them daily bread and protect them from evil. Amen

Yvette S

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
For the healing treatment I will be receiving for my cancer diagnosis. Give me the strength and courage to see this through. Thank you for my gift of life.


Please pray for my family and for myself; for health of body, mind & soul. For the recovery of my husband from emergency surgery & for his parkinson that is advancing very fast. For healing of my chronic cancer that has come back and I'm back on treatment. For my daughter Michelle who is taking care of both my husband & myself that the Lord grants her the graces and strength she needs. That we get the assistance to take care of my husband.


Prayer Petition for: For my children
Favor at work for daughters. Hold all evil spirits in abeyance.


Prayer Petition for: For my children
my 30 year old son is engaged to a non christian. please pray for his guidance and conversion.

my daughter zoey's upcoming baptism into the catholic faith in february


Prayer Petition for: Peace of mind
I ask you to pray for the intercession of blessed mother mary for a person who has schizophrenia. I ask you o remember this person in your prayers. Amen


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please pray for the complete and speedy recovery, and strength during treatment for your faithful servant, Mary Patricia.

Martha I

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
I pray for the healing of my mother and my uncle. I pray that the pain in my mother's leg will go away. I pray for my uncle that he complete his program and stop his bad habit. I pray for my cousins not to need a kidney transplant or dialysis. Jesus help them.

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