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Please pray for my family & for myself for health of body, mind & soul, For the cure of my CLL cancer & the Bell's Palsy that started on the right side & as it was starting to get better moved to the left side. Doctors don't know why this is happening since they have never seen it before. For my daughters depression & anxiety that The Lord will bless, protect, guide them and for their return to the Church. For peace in the family. That my daughter Patricia looks & finds a job. Lord please bless our families with the graces needed and protect us from the evil one.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
For our daughter, Grace, who has a heart defect since birth and, at a month and a half, has been in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; her Trisomy 18 genetic condition has contributed to her heart situation but also a “floppy” airway and thus difficulty breathing on her own, without oxygen assistance. Many have been praying daily for Jesus to heal her. She is a gift from God and we pray that she will live to know, love and serve the Lord and to know her seven siblings and loving parents. All glory and honor to God, in the name of Jesus.


Prayer Petition for: Financial help
Dear Rev.Father, I am a Catholic Mother of 2 sons living in Sri Lanka. I am Struggling with lot of Difficulties since 1 Year. My Husband and my Eldest Son is unemployed and difficult to find a Job. We are walking through lot of Hardships. We are Praying but still didn't get answer to prayers.I am suffering with Diabetes, Kidney Protineuria, Arthritis and High Cholesterol since long time. Please pray for me and my Family to get Blessing's and heal my Sickness .Please pray for my Parents also. Please pray for get employment. My Husbands Name is BONIFACE. My Sons are SHEHAN and SHIHARE.
Thank you so much for prayers. God bless you.

Adongo M A

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
prayer to cure liver infection and hepatic portal vein blockage.

Joseph P

Prayer Petition for: For my children
Ann, good health, good marriage, Judge Dale, good health, Meredith, good health, job security, move up in her job, meet the right person, have a family, stop drinking, more family


Prayer petition for healing: Please pray for my coworkers to receive healing from the intergenerational trauma that permeates their lives. May the Lord also bring healing to families trapped in the opioid crisis and experiencing such pain they cannot see the reality of their situation.

Rosa G

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
For miraculous healing of my husband Juan from all cancer in brain, lung, and back., for miraculous healing of leukemia for 9 yr old granddaughter Loren, for miraculous healing of leukemia for 9 yr old Aaron, for miraculous healing of bone cancer and paralyzed legs for Diana.


Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
For all the holy souls in Purgatory, especially deceased members of Friends of the Suffering souls

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