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Physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual healing for me and my family members.

M. T.

Prayer Petition for: Devotion to St. Peregrine
This intention is for KERRY B. --- a wife of a co-worker, who messaged me and said: We found out she had breast cancer and this is her fourth surgery. It's been a crazy year. We thought she had beaten it two years ago but it came back this summer and I have been so worried about her.
I don't think they are Catholic but I am giving them one of the St. Peregrine mass cards and requesting for healing prayers for her and his peace of mind. AMEN.

Lara Davis

14 year old niece Rebekah who has a cancerous tumor on her liver that has metastasized. LORD have mercy!
St Peregrine please intercede on her behalf!

Sharron A

Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
For Genna, a young single mother of a 10 year old son who passed away after suffering a stroke. For her eternal soul and to sooth the grief of the suffering family.

Food Service Team

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
For CC to have strength and Faith while battling cancer.

Nancy G

Prayer Petition for: Peace of mind
Please pray for Lois as she receives her cancer therapy- may she feel a deep sense of peace.

Please pray for Nick to find well-qualified teachers for the school- who will bring peace and quality to the school. Also, for resolution of all current situations and peace and harmony for the school community.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
prayers to free of all cardiac problems / diabetes / cancer - control gluttony eating - healing of knee and shoulder so I can exercise - LORD HAVE MERCY - help me find my way in my old age - your child - dianenjusa


Prayer Petition for: For my parent(s)
I pray for my parents who don't get along but still are married. And for my father who was diagnosed with cancer that has returned and who refuses to get treatment.

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