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Prayer Petition for: All Souls
Robert Warsey OSM
Janine Weideman


Prayer Petition for: Devotion to St. Peregrine
I pray for my friend Kate's complete healing. I pray for a clear scan of her head. Please give strength and hope to Kate and her family.

Mary Lou F

Bob having surgery tomorrow, partial knee replacement.
prayers for peace for him, calmness and assurance

For the family and the doctors. For complete healing and recovery
thank you ~ peace

Maria S.

Prayer Petition for: Devotion to St. Peregrine
For Cherry A, my sister, who was diagnosed with Carcinoma of Unknown Primary. After completing chemotherapy, she will need to undergo radiation for brain tumor and another chemotherapy treatment. Please give her and the whole family strength during this trying times.

George G

Prayer Petition for: Devotion to St. Peregrine
My wife has recently been diagnosed with cancer St Peregrine I ask that you intercede for her with the Lord to heal her


My brother- in -law Raymond was diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of 85. He will begin medical treatment on Tuesday. He is devoted to the Lord and serving others. Please pray for healing for him and strength for his family. If it is God's will that he may not be physically healed then pray for spiritual and emotional strength for Ray and his family, especially for my 80 year old sister who is taking care of him.


Prayer Petition for: Devotion to St. Peregrine
For Joanna, mother of two teens, diagnosed with metastasized lung cancer, that through your intersession, St. Peregrine, she may be cured and become a witness to our Lord's healing power.

Alvin C

Prayer Petition for: For my spouse
My wife was diagnosed with cancer recently and is under medical treatment. I request your prayers for her. Her name is Euripedes. My wife keeps my family united and she is a woman of prayer. We want to learn through this situation what God is teaching us and imploring, if it is His will, that she will recover soon, for His Glory and Honor. Otherwise that, whatever may be the end of the road, we will be in conformity with God's Plan for our lives.

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