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Marta W

Lina M possible recurrence of cancer. Biopsy today.


I pray for complete healing of my mother’s lymphoma. That she responds fully to chemo and stem cell transplant. That God gives her and my father decades of healthy life to enjoy their grandchildren and help teach them the faith. Amen.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
I am asking for healing for Chris and Walter who have throat cancer. Also, for financial help for Chris and for Sandy.


Prayer Petition for: For my spouse
I pray for healing for huey in mind, body and spirit.


Healing for my daughter's lung condition.
Thank you, JESUS

Clare L

I pray for good health for all of my family and give me the financial help to care for their needs as long as I can keep working!

Stanetta C

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Healing in cervical areas as well as lumber and sacral joints--degenerative and structural issues causing great pain in nerves of legs/feet along with arthritis
Also, friend named Will--diagnosis was missed and missed--non-melanotic metastatic cancer into organs that started as skin cancer and was treated for psoriasis. Will is in great pain. Skin red to purple now.

Pat-degenerative spine/neck. Needing surgery in the neck with rod/screws in order to not be in a wheelchair.She is going to have the surgery which is 5-6 hours. Please pray for safe anesthesia/surgery/post-surgical healing. This is NOT for pain relief but for mobility going forward.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
I would like you to keep my grandnephew, Gavin, 7 yrs.old, and lift him up for healing from Hodgkins Lymphoma. He went through surgery and the malignancy was extirpated. Doctors say they removed the malignancy successfully but please continue praying for Gavin who has not been baptized. Pray for his parents, Brian and Maria.

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