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Prayer Petition for: Physical health
St. Peregrine, please intercede and pray for my husband David.
I pray for total healing of my husband David, who has stage 4 cancer. I also pray for the healing of his back and joint pain.
Lord, hear my prayers,

Anna Lisa

Asking for prayers for my mother Hilda that her doctors appointment on Wednesday Aug 17th will be that of good news and all test result will come back clear. Jesus I Trust In You??


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
St. Peregrine you are a miracle worker. Please pray that God will grant a miracle for my sister Jan,who has cancer. During the pre-op tests, they found a spot on her lung. Please ask that the spot is not serious and that God will grant that she be cured through your intercession. You have answered many of my prayers and I pray that this one will be answered also. Thank you St. Peregrine.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
I humbly ask for prayer for my son who struggles with anger and emotional problems. He sometimes doesn’t keep in touch at all and we are very worried. I am praying for his complete healing. Amen and Thank You!


My new WFH FTE job to happen NOW in a 100% favorable and satisfactory manner, assignment to extend throughout 2022 in a 100% easy PMO-PM role like now”, a marital blissful luxurious sweet love life with my soulmate, mom’s and brother’s good health, our easy safe travels, family India properties to be settled right NOW – all per my daily request


St Peregrine, please heal me and hear my prayers that I don’t have any serious illness like cancer. I hope and pray that you will grant my prayers and petition that I will live longer to see my daughters grow up. Please St Peregrine, grant me my prayers. This I ask of you, through Jesus Christ our Lord… Amen

Carol Therese

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Jim and Jeanne fully recovered from Covid.
Debbie and Earl fully recover from Covid.
Patricia P and her son Richard be health fully restored.
He’s been receiving treatment for stage four colon cancer.
All the religious who are suffering from Covid .
Health & Safety for all the men and women in law-enforcement.
Health and safety for all those serving in the military.
Jim and Claudia find housing for themselves and their daughter.
Samantha and Ignacio and our granddaughter Elayna come back to the Catholic Church .


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please pray for the healing and recovery of Eric T Who is in ICU battling severe pneumonia/ARDS. Please pray for the healing of his lungs.
Thank you and God bless

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