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Prayer intentions for Valerie for protection & guidance. For spiritual guidance. May God remove T from her life.
May God provide a good religious man for her.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please pray for the dramatic general healing of my elderly Mom, Stella. And also, could you also pray intensely for the healing of toothache pains, mostly upper front, and arthritic knee pains too?


Please pray for healing of my kidney problems. Please pray for Healing of Helen's cancer. Thank you.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please heal me Diane,heal my mind and body. Heal my heart take pain away,heal my life too. Heal Pat Husband of headaches too. Heal Paul of headaches,Martin of numbness and sadness and Mark sore legs and more sleep. Heal Ella always choking on food and make her better too. Please make Miracles happen for us. Thank You


Please pray for Scott E with brain cancer and Sarah G, both with advanced cancer.


For Barbara who was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. I sent to her one of the cards I received from you.
Thank you, Fathers!


Good afternoon,

Please pray for two sisters:
1. For the success and good outcome of Sallie's second surgery on March 28 for removal of a lump which has increased in size.
2. For the complete healing of Julia who also had surgery a while ago.
Also please pray for both their husbands and families. Thank you very much.


Prayer Petition for: Drug problem
Please pray for Sherrie, Shirley, Stan and Clifton. Also please pray for Wendy, Keith, John and Khan. Marc, Portia, Brian, Sean, Ansol and Lance require prayer as well. Hamp(Sir) needs prayer with Donovan, Dexter, Doug, Khamani, Kameron, Kristina and Damar. Also Regina needs prayer with Susan and Denisha. Their friends, Family members, neighbors, affiliates, associates, colleagues and relatives also need prayer. Thank you.

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