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Prayer Petition for: For my parent(s)
? Happy Birthday to my mother ANN * Miss You - Rest In Peace ?

Laurie B

For my husband Jimmy who was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. May he continue to heal well from surgery and receive effective and tolerable treatments to make a full recovery. May we live a long and healthy happy life together. I Jesus’ name I pray. Amen


In your November Masses, please remember the souls of my beloved deceased:
Louise & Ralph Brown, Kay Moore,
Clara & Oscar Cook, Flora Cook,
John & Evelyn Kiewel, Mary Ehman
Emanuel & Betty Klein, Harold McKenzie,
Roy & Nelda Cook, Dean Cook,
Fred & Violet Habekost, Rita Sanders,
Osa Soske, Hank Testroet,
Cobb & Fern Brown, Joseph Klein,
Patrica Brown, Vickie Monsom,
Jerry & Virginia Brown, Irene Brown,
Kenneth & Gale Gaston, Alicia Condon,
Chet Hillyer, Leona & Frank Hillyer,
Bill & Iva Brown, Ruth Chitwood.
Phil & Betty Dowling, Dolly Love.
Dale & Norma Awtry, Sharon Ivers.
Jim & Jean Conway, Don Conway.
Blanch Buttery, Jim Thalken,
Irene & Bob Edgar, Virginia Molleck,


Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
for the repose of the souls of:
Jane Archer
Wesley Archer
Anne Seacrist
Walter Vennemeyer


Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
prayers for the salvation of the soul of GLEE actor Mark Salling who committed suicide by hanging in 2018.

Denise S

Prayer Petition for: Physical health


Prayer Petition for: Strength in trying times
For my Lisa ??


Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
For the eternal repose of the soul of my dad Jose Enrique

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