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Healing for husband Juan's prostate cancer spreading to brain chest spine strength for his weak painful legs spine knees; healing for 10 yr old granddaughter Loren's leukemia learning disability; daughter Norma's health eye surgery on March 12th; healing for cousin Diana's cancer paralyzed legs; family, friends suffering from cancer & other illnesses


Please pray (to the Holy Trinity and to the Seven Founders) for the following:

1. For Martha R., a catechist who is a convert from evangelicalism. She underwent surgery on February 25, and her heart stopped on the operating table. She is weak, but conscious and stable.

2. For a family member who is having a great deal of difficulty finding work in an economically poor area of the country--her bills and debts have been piling up, and her house needs some serious repairs.

3. For two Servite priests in El Paso, TX --- that they may face several unexpected challenges in their parish with courage, patience, and a spirit of co-operation with each other.

Thank you.


For my young grandson, Wil, who has autism and doesn't speak. He is having lots of problems, temporarily his father lives in another state. For his parents who need guidance & help for him and themselves (they both have conditions and stress). For all their safety (Tony, Fatima, Ellie, Wil & Remington).

For my Godson Kenny (35 yrs old) who died in a house fire in January and for his parents and sister's healing.

For all the sick in our large family: Kelly M, Tony, Wil, Fatima, Ed, Marlene, Aunti, Angela, Jay, Deb, Jimmy, Calvinita's sister in law, for my ex and friends and more.

For all sick with Corona virus & all who died. All who are alone and have no one to pray for them.

For strength and courage all my days.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please pray for healing and full recovery for Louise, a good friend who has stage 4 brain cancer.
Also, that my late wife Renata rest in peace in our heavenly Father's kingdom, along with deceased members of her family and deceased members of my family.
For my mother, Maria, who is in the late stage of Alzheimers that she will always remember her family and not suffer any physical/mental pain or anguish.
For my sister, Nancy, who is my mother's caretaker. Lord, please give her the good mental and physical health strength, comfort, patience and peace to care for our mother.
For good health for myself and the rest of my family. Heavenly Father, in Jesus' name I pray.
I also ask the Virgin Mother Mary to please intercede on behalf of our family's prayers. Amen.


Prayer Petition for: Devotion to Mary
Please Pray
I Can't Attend Lenten Masses

Hank D

Prayer Petition for: For my spouse
for relief of the physical pain as my wife battles Parkinson's Disease and her back issues.
Mary, as the Mother of all God's children, please intercede for the health of the wife mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of our large family that they may continue to receive her love and caring.


Prayer Petition for: Return to the Church
For sons, BILLY, BEN, and GREG, to go to Mass and Confession

Tony Kerr

Prayer Petition for: Family harmony
Steve and Doris K
Adam, Stefanie, Pheobe, Hayden and Petra T
Mike and Yvonne D
Fr. Larry A
Fr. Ron L
Mental Peace.
Financial Responsibility.
Family relationship.
Living and Deceased members of the O'K/K families.

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