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Prayer Petition for: Physical health
For my Sister Oralia, that they reschedule her Cancer surgery soon.

Mary G

For myself and my family members and friends that we may be healthy in mind, body, spirit and soul; Joe’s success; healing for Hugo; for the special intentions of those praying this novena. Amen

Marybeth M.

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please pray for me as I battle stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to my stomach. Pray that the chemo works and I will be able ro eat again. Thank you!

Yvette M

Prayer Petition for: For my spouse
Please pray for Oscar E who is currently suffering from a traumatic brain injury from a car accident. He has been bedridden since October 2021.

Leticia T

Help me pray for my granddaughter, that her father will stop harassing her and also her grandmother I just want her have peace of mind peaceful life and praying that she will graduate her study successfully. I also asking your mercy O Lord to help my son heal and stop his addiction and spending money for game and help him and my youngest son back to church. Pray for my granddaughter family in USA a reconciliation and healing in mind and spirits. Give us good health Lord to continue praying for all and to my family and friends especially to those who are suffering from sickness Amen

Amanda R

For continued healing and strength for my mom, Barbara


Prayer Petition for: Physical health


For daughter, Jennifer’s up coming major operation, very risky

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