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Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Heavenly father these past months have been very difficult fo me my health and my mental health. I pray that you heal me. Bring Joy back into my heart. Amen


Prayer Petition for: Family harmony
Please pray that the shame I carry, have carried since childhood, would be lifted. That with the Grace of Our Father and The Holy Family, I might: accept the love my husband and four young children have for me, not be so afraid to love them as much as I do, stop making poor decisions based on fear and shame that only end up hurting all of us. Thank You.
Mary, please show me how to be a mother. Please help me heal and teach me how to care for these children's little souls. I don't understand why God entrusted them to me. I am so afraid of damaging or hurting them in some way. Please teach me, guide me, show me. My Mother, I love you Thank you for always being here for and with us.
Jesus, please teach me how to forgive. To forgive myself and others. Please show me how to truly let go to You completely and forgive myself so that I can serve You, get to know You more and more, and to love You more.
Thank You. Thank You for blessing me SO greatly. Thank You for loving a sad, sorry, sinner like me. I love You.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Mary Margaret


Prayer Petition for: For my parent(s)


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please pray for my sister Rosalinda for her coming heart surgery. I pray that her surgery will go very well. Jesus I trust in you. I surrender Rosalinda to you.
Take care of everything. Blessed Mother intercede for her. Thank you, Jesus.


I need your help Blessed Mother your child here Tina is so very hurt I dont know what I did wrong to MH to have him turn so cold to me these last 5 days it has been very painful I only wish I knew what I did wrong to the person I dearly love. I am praying for intercession from above to heal his heart for me and respond. I have been struggling for answers and to know if I did something wrong to work on to heal our relationship. i LOVE THIS PERSON VERY MUCH and need much prayers to heal his heart.


Prayer Petition for: For my children


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please pray for our friend Bill. We pray that Bill is given emotional and physical strength as he begins to battle Stage-4 Prostate Cancer. Thank you.

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