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Stephanie C

Prayer Petition for: Family harmony
Dear Lord, I come to you in a humble prayer. I am praying for your guidance and protection for my life and my family. Please guide us towards the light, and inspire us to always look for the best in everyone. Control our words, so they are words that lift each other up and not break us apart. Control our emotions and protect us from the devil and his temptations. Deepen our love for you, and may this be shown through our actions and kind words. Help my family to unify and forgive and forget all the past actions / misunderstandings. I pray for your justice to be served in a situation that you know of Lord, and may we find peace and love in all of this. In Jesus Mighty name I pray.

Martha I

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
I want to thank God that my surgery was successful. I pray as I recover that I do not have any complications. I am also grateful to God that I did not have cancer. I pray for my cousin that he not need a kidney transplant nor dialysis. I pray for my uncle that he continue to be sober. I pray for good health for my family and friends. Jesus I trust in You.


Prayer Petition for: Family harmony


Prayer Petition for: For my spouse
Andy McD, my husband, is fighting cancer for the second time this year.

Patty B

For all those making / renewing their consecration to Jesus through Mary on Friday evening November 8, 2019.


Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
For the following deceased people I have known:

* my grandparents, all 4
* various other family members (aunts, uncles & cousins, mostly)
* my friends -- Mary, Joyce & Michael
* my fallen brother Knights of Columbus (too many to name, all wonderful men)

* for the poor souls that have no one to pray for them.


Prayer Petition for: For my parent(s)
for my aging parents:

Mom, whose cognitive faculties are obviously slowly diminishing, &

Dad, who is aging physically (not so much mentally), but still has not embraced the Catholic Faith (despite my mother's decades of prayer requests for this intention)

And for me, that I can properly honor my parents, and to steer away from unnecessary squabbles and arguments with them.

I humbly request your prayers. THANK YOU.


Prayer Petition for: Financial help
Hail Mary full of grace, the lord is with thee, please pray for my ill family members and those in need of healing from health afflictions. Guide them in their careers and financial stability. Send Saint Joseph and Saint Martin de Porres to help with the homeless crisis.

Send Saint Luisa to help my friend to proceed with eye surgery and heal my friend's wife after her eye surgery.

Protect my nieces and send Saint Michael and Saint Martha to shield them.

Through Christ, our lord, Amen.


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