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Please pray for Mike to be healed of cancer, in Jesus name. May our Blessed Mother intercede on his behalf. Thank you. God bless all of you for your prayers.

Stephen A

Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
Please pray for the repose of the souls of Richard Almeida and Cynthia Crosby.

Jean T

Prayer Petition for: Family harmony


Prayer Petition for: Drug problem
Please pray for me and all of those in this world that suffer from addiction(s).

Patrick L

Prayer Petition for: Employment
For many months I have been searching for work, and begging for God's help (as well as Our Lady of Sorrows'), in finding suitable employment, and I am almost out of funds. PLEASE, Sorrowful Mother, intercede on my behalf with your Son, that He will direct my efforts and lead me to a great, great, GREAT new career soon! Be assured that I will be praying for everyone, and for the granting of their intentions, during this holy time of intense need for many. Thank you...

Ken S

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
That I have healing in my body from this pain and discomfort

Rosa G

For health & healing of my husband Juan, he's had radiation treatments for cancerous brain tumor, getting chemotherapy treatments for prostate cancer spreading to brain, lung, & back bones; please pray for miraculous healing of all cancer & no bad side effects from treatments, for health & healing of my 9 yr. old granddaughter Loren's leukemia, for health & healing of 9 yr. old Aaron who relapsed from leukemia for 2nd time, for health & healing of my cousin Diana's bone cancer & paralyzed legs, for health & healing of my brother Reynaldo's health issues, for health & healing of all children from "GOLDEN HEART PROJECT" who suffer from different types of cancers, & for health & healing of all my family & friends suffering from cancer & other illnesses. Thank you.


Evil will leave all areas of my life: physical, financial, employment, relationship and spiritual. I will be successful in securing and keeping an appropriate job. Thank you.

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