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Pls pray for my husband Raoul that his PET Scan will show that he is healed of his cancer.


Prayer Petition for: For my spouse
For my husband, may he open his heart to the Lord.

Frank S

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
My niece Samantha was diagnosed with a stage 4 melanoma...tumors have spread to other parts of her body. She is only 30 years old and I am begging St. Peregrine and the Blessed Mother to intercede on her behalf.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Dear God, Holy Mother Mary, Jesus Christ, Angels, Saints, and St. Peregrine - with your divine goodness and love please restore my father Rudy to health and strength. He has been in the hospital fighting an infection of the blood along with cancer. He is a child and spirit guided by principles of honesty and kindness and as a father he has been the pillar of our lives. Please also give us the fortitude and guidance to care for him and exemplify the faith that we have in miracles. As your daughter and his earth bound offspring, I don’t understand what plans may be for us and I am trembling at the fear of his pain and my own fear of loss. I may not be worthy to receive your light but dear God, Jesus, Saint and Holy Spirit please be by my father’s side. Hold him and make him strong as he fears his illness and mortality. We are all scared dear Lord. St. Peregrine, with your faith and miracle and outstanding cure against cancer - I pray that you can share your loving faithful gift with my father. I pray for his complete and immediate restoration. He deserves your love and gifts and the spark of life to continue to do the good work that has been his only mission on this living plane. Again, I don’t understand your mysterious ways, but I believe and have faith in this prayer. I believe in love and the miracles of all that is good and meant to be. Please surround my father with your protection and guide him back to good health. AMEN.

Michaelyn A

My husbands cousin has breast cancer and is beginning chemotherapy. I ask for st.perigrine to heal and bring peace for her and her entire family


Please pray that a friend of mine reconcile with me and that they are free from all the hurts that I have caused them. Please pray for God's blessings on them. Thanks in advance.


Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
My wife passed away from Dementia on 12-3-20, at 9:01 AM. I txt them to come as she was breathing heavy. Three children and I were praying the Joyful mysterious over her and upon completion she breathed her last and went so peacefully. I have been grieving so much but have and will continue to attend Mass. I had always loved Adoration and after 20 years I had to stop to take care of my wife. I was on my way home when I had the thought to go to St James Adoration chapel. Because of a funeral at the Church, a Priest was saying Mass in the Chapel, it was beautiful as always. But his Homily was on suffering , how our Blessed Mother suffered so much from birth until The Passion and it hit my heart so hard. I couldn’t hold back the tears. At the end the Priest asked for help in the Church , for Mass as the Church was over packed. I saw a woman who wanted to go but it was her hour, so I offered to stay until someone could relieve me. I stayed an hour and 1/2 and I prayed my heart of tears ? for our Blessed Mother and Jesus for opening my heart to such suffering and mine seemed so less.
I have been praying the Seven Dolors of Mary for a very long time. I will continue even more so and starting back to Adoration at St James. Please pray for me to continue on my prayerful journey now that my beautiful wife has passed. ????????


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please Pray for my Pet Dog Champ suffering Terminal illness
St Michael
St Gabriel
St Raphael

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