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For healing of my bodily afflictions, particularly my left leg and foot and disfigured toes,
toe nail infections, and the ulcers on both my right shin and left shin.

After 10 years of suffering with my medical afflictions, I ask that I may be granted complete healing and permanent remission through St. Peregrine's intercession.

Thanksgivings to St. Peregrine and God Almighty.

Sylvia and Lisa

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please pray for our sister that ha;s been diagnosed with lung cancer.Pray she has treatment options to help her heal. Please help her body heal like St. Peregrine.


Prayer Petition for: Vocations
Please Pray for me Derek
St Michael Archangel Protect us Amen IHS


Dear St. Peregrine. Please intercede for a young woman named Heather who is seriously ill, vomiting blood. They have not yet figured out what is wrong with her. May she return to full health, be filled with peace and her care givers and medical team inspired by the Lord.

Michael Z

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please pray for the healing of my heart and arteries. I was diagnosed with a dialated aortic root and ask for prayers that it is healed.


Prayer for the mental and physical health of our family and friends. Prayer for all of mankind that they seek God for comfort and guidance in their trying times.


Prayer Petition for: Peace of mind
I pray for a healing from mental illness for myself and a return to faith for an alcoholic relative

Jose G

Prayer Petition for: Strength in trying times
Please intercede for a coworker of mine. She is in a same sex marriage and does not see.the sinfulness of.her state. May God show.her the wickedness of her marriage.

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