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Prayer Petition for: For my spouse
Please pray for my husband who suffers from Parkinson and Diabetes. For health of body, mind and soul. That the fall he took last Thursday does not affect his health. Lord grant him the graces he needs and the guidance and strength that I need to take care of him.


For the soul of my deceased son Raffaello rest in pace
For a safe trip of my husband and I to Italy enjoy our family
For increase my husband faith and for both to respect and love each other with faithfull and leave with serenity and joy in the house
thanks all for your prayer
God Bless you

margaret g

Tom K recovery.

Bindhu George

Prayer request for my niece Diya (12yrs) diagnosed with Brain Stem Glioma (DIPG). There is no cure for this cancer in medical science. Please pray for her complete healing and cure from her cancer. Please pray for her parents to strengthen them during this difficult time and draw them closer to God. She lives in India with her parents and little brother. Thank you.


Please pray fo Silvana and Patrizia health.
For Sharon who"s statrting a new life in a different country
For Grazia to be friend/
For me to keep love and help all the people in need
God Bless you


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please pray for me as I was diagnosed with pleural thickening of the lungs. I will be seeing a pulmonologist and I am very nervous about my prognosis.
This Thanksgiving will be exactly 6 months since we lost our son to an accidental overdose and we are greiving and missing him. We pray for comfort during this difficult year. Please pray for us.
Thank you.

Deborah S

Prayer Petition for: For my spouse
Please pray for my husband. He was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer about 9 weeks ago. We had no warning except not feeling good for 2 weeks. It is terminal. He is receiving chemo. It is only buying time, as there is no cure. He is such a good man. And I ask for prayer for myself for patience.


Please pray for my dear & young Aunt, Zia, who was recently(2 weeks) diagnosed with cancer. At first the physicians informed and "reassured" her that the form of cancer she had was treatable, however, after months of testing and probing, it seems as though it is not...they gave her false hope. Her family and our extended family are quite religious and belief in the power of prayer and miracles. Please pray, if it is God's will and through the intercession of St. Peregrine, heal my Aunt's body from this atrocious disease.
Also, her husband, my uncle (Mike) has suffered with heart disease for many years and my aunt has taken care of him. The most recent months, there is nothing more the doctor's can do so he too is failing quite quickly. With much love & thanks. Amen

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