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Diane Z

Prayer Petition for: For my parent(s)
For my mother who is battling metastatic breast cancer. And my father who has been showing blood work off. Causing him major depression.

Kathy S

Prayer Petition for: Financial help
Heal my leg
For my Mom who has dementia.
For my niece having surgery Sept 19 on her spine.

Joan D

thank You, Holy God, for everything, especially for your Mercy
You know everything and You know best.
I bring all to You.

Angie McD

My cousin Jim - stomach cancer

Teresa P

Prayer Petition for: All Souls
Many specific and special intentions


For my husband who died in July from cancer. He was 40. I pray he is in heaven, in peace, surrounded by love and light. I pray that he knew/knows how very very much I love him and always will and how sorry I am for not being a better wife. For our son. I pray that he remains healthy and happy and close to the Lord, as he has just moved away to begin his freshman year of college.

Joan K D

Prayer Petition for: Vocations
For the conversion of sinners especially those in my family Amen !!

Douglas W

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
To heal my best friend of kidney, gallbladder, and diverticulitis ailments. To heal my mother who has been a very faithful servant of God, of her failing vision, and the suffering of Alzheimer's she is dealing with.

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