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Bonnie G

Prayer Petition for: All Souls
My husband, David has been hospitalized for awhile now and still has rehab.
My first grandchild was born 5 weeks early but is getting stronger.
My daughter was diagnosed with cancer just a couple months ago.

Kurt L

Prayer Petition for: Peace of mind

Kathy B

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Mary P, for her reoccurring breast cancer.
Bob S, for his kidney and lung cancer

barbara w

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
My daughter, juliann has been struggling with stage four lung cancer for the past five years and has now been put on three forms of chemotherapy but is so tired all of the time. I pray every day for the chemo to cure her cancer and for her to get her energy back. Please include her in your prayers and intentions. and also for my legs to get stronger, they are getting weaker every day. I am 87 years old but I would like for them to get back to normal. thank you so much.

Leticia T

Please help me pray for complete and total healing of my breast cancer and my head tumor will not come back. Pray for good health of my children ,brothers and sisters. I also ask your help for the success study of my grandaughter. Reconcilliation of my brother and his wife. May the good Lord and our blessed mother grant my prayer petition through this novena prayer Amen.


Prayer Petition for: For my parent(s)
Please pray for eternal rest for the soul of my father.
Also for my 92 year old mother suffering from dementia and other chronic physical health conditions as well as strength and patience for me as her caregiver.
For blessings on my daughter for health, her marriage and her business.
For the souls of all my departed family and all my ancestors.
For the souls of Ronnie and Dottie and all departed relatives of my friends and co-workers.
For peace and restoration of our Church.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Healing for Charlie, Luke, Joe, Stanley, Shannon & CJ
For Mary Lou who is suffering Greatly with mental health and Physical health
For the S and J Families
For the Pope and church going through the terrible sexual abuse mess God help and Bless All
For USA and Trump God Bless
and the Holy Spirit guide All
For me to get through a very bad experience and for God to please get that person away from me without causing me anymore deregulation, time, or money
Thank You


I really pray that my grandsons will attend CCD and get a lot out of it. I so want them to be Confirmed. Their parents just split up and each one already has a significant other. The boys are 13 + 14. I live with them and their mom, my daughter. She has big anger issues and a foul mouth. I know the boys don't want to attend Faith Formation classes, they'd rather play their video games, but I sincerely pray they attend regularly and like it and deepen their faith. If they don't do it this year they probably will never get Confirmed. In Jesus' Name I ask and Believe.

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