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Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please cure me of all cancer cells and cancer DNA. Please let my whole body be cancer free. Please protect and prevent me from producing any cancer cells and cancer DNA. Please let my breasts lymph nodes and whole body be cancer free. Please let me be cured from Breast cancer. I ask this in Jesus name and for my children Amen

Raymond w

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
That they find the source of my cancer and that it becomes dormant and can be treated

Madeleine D

Prayer Petition for: For my children
Conversion of all sinners, for the victims of abuse and for the triumph of the immaculate heart of Mary


For conversion and renewed faith throughout the world. Forgiveness and love in my family and in all families.
For great courage and strength in those who are God's people beyond our own abilities in the times we are entering with the help of St. Michael and his warrior angels. That evil be defeated by God's special grace. That more and more people come to understanding of what God's people need to do to achieve this. That the truth come to light in this world so the good can regain it's power over evil.That abortion be abolished across the USA and the world. That the plans of the evil one be thwarted quickly before souls are lost. So the souls that were meant for God may be saved and retain their place with God in heaven. Please help the right people to come forward to help in all matters which can accomplish this.
Anything is possible with God and we only need to ask to receive.
We ask that we be spared the worst test,
in Jesus name. Amen.

susan r

Prayer Petition for: For my spouse
Healing from the cancer he is fighting.

Eleanor A

Prayer Petition for: For my spouse
He has terminal cancer.


That Gods Will be done in the church according to His wishes.
Please help us to attain the consecration of Russia if God still requires this for this world's peace.
And we ask for the intentions of Thy Most Sorrowful Heart for what we may need, yet, do not know. Amen

Thomas G

Prayer Petition for: Financial help
I need a part-time job so that I can provide for my family.

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