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for the healing and cancer cure of Warren W Jr


Holy God, If Your beloved Catholic Church has fallen into apostasy, I ask You to bring us back to Righteousness. I plead with You God, for this Grace.


Prayer Petition for: Financial help
I’m in a financial crisis right now. It’s Sunday, and I don’t have the money for food or gas (to get to work) for the week. It’s like this every other week, before my paycheck. Please pray for the Lord’s financial provision. I need to move out of my apartment, into a Christian community setting where we can share rent, food, and internet. Please pray that God will provide. I can’t afford to break the lease—but pray for special grace, a special miracle, where I won’t face the normal consequences of breaking the lease—pray that I will be able to move into a good living situation cheaply and easily. Thank you, and God bless you!

Tom M

Please pray that my cancer pain be minimized and that the cancer treatment be successful

Tom M

Please let my ct scan tomorrow show improvement over the last scan and that the cancer be treatable


Prayer Petition for: For my parent(s)
Please pray that my parents heal. My dad was cured of covid-19 after 2 months, but still weak because he's a renal patient. Please help them gain the strength to eat right and exercise.


I ask for the Conversion to Righteousness (especially regarding sexual morality) of Ireland, London, & Tokyo.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please pray for my sister, Laurie as she struggles through each day with blood cancer. Please pray for strength and courage to get through this difficult time and healing as she works each day to fight forward. Thank you and many blessings to you all.

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