Online Initial Inquiry Form

Thank you for your interest in the Servites. We ask that you please fill out this information form and return it to us so that we may get to know you better. Know that we appreciate the time you are giving in answering these questions, especially since you may feel that you have already answered some of them. This form will give us a better understanding of you, and allow us to journey with you during your discernment.

    • 2. How long have you been discerning religious life?

    • 3. What attracts you to the religious life?

    • 4. What special gifts or talents will you bring to religious life?

    • 5. Do you feel that the Lord is calling you to be a priest, brother, or does it matter?

    • 6. If you feel called to the priesthood, why?

    • 7. Have you ever applied for admission and been accepted /rejected by a religious community or diocesan seminary? If so, at what stage did you leave (Postulant, Novice, Temporary Professed, Solemn Professed or student year). Please explain:

    • 8. Please share your family life:

    • 10. Please share your participation in parish activities, ministries, volunteer programs or organizations to which you belong:

    • 11. Please share your educational background:

    • 12. What kind of employment have you experienced?

    • 13. Describe how faith in Jesus influences your daily life:

    • 14. Where did you learn about the Servites?