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For my family and for me, a mother of 10 who’s heart is really heavy and empty, for my daughter left her catholic faith and is going to a non-denominational church and is turned against me and my family. I am 83 and have heart failure. She is my baby and was daughter and friend. I won’t go into detail, it is too long to say, but we all need prayers for our Lord to give her and her family new hearts.. I thank you in Jesus name. I know I have given them to Jesus, but am still hurting. I thank you for listening and for your prayers.


Prayer Petition for: Financial help
Dear St. Peregrine, Please intercede for me and obtain my request.
1.Charles O; For Rapid and unprecedented sales of stock in my warehouse to repay those am OWNING and touch the hearts of those OWNING me to pay me. 

2. That the Lord grants me ,a healthy, prosperous and productive year 2019. 



 God Bless You All


Prayer Petition for: For my spouse
My husband Nick,
I pray he recovers from stage 4 lung cancer & from multiple organ dysfunctions. I pray his mind & body can recover from this difficult time. I pray for a miracle.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Dear Lord Jesus

My son has a congenital nerve malformation in his brain. If not treated it might cause a stroke.

The Neurosurgeon will be carrying out a brain embolization on the 1st week of Jan 19. Please be with the doctors and his team guiding them during the procedure so that all will be well with my son.

If you will Lord, please heal my son so that there is no need for embolization

God Bless



Prayer Petition for: Physical health
My friend, Dave, who was diagnosed with liver cancer and needs a transplant. Please pray for his health and strength for him and his wife.

Patricia P

Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
For my sister Kathy who passed away on August 7th. For my deceased parents and my Deceased Husband John. And for all the souls in purgatory. And for all the sick and dying.

Catherine R.

Prayer Petition for: Physical health


Prayer Petition for: World peace
2019 new concentrations on different charites,direction in work, observant in wonder and signs. Finish my years end Bible reading project of Psalms and Revelation.Continued Marian devotion readings and mass.Pieta .Thanksgiving. Thank you Servants of Mary. Servite Order

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