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Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please pray for my twin sister Judy. She is a stage 4 cancer survivor. Since her cancer diagnosis she has been plagued with various health issues. She has ongoing AFIB now and no medicine is working. She now has autoimmune issues, terrible joint pain, that makes her unable to walk, new heart issues and she is beginning to become hopeless. Please pray that God will heal her suffering and correct her heart rhythm and alleviate her pain. She is a wonderful person and helps so many. She has endured so much and is very strong in her faith. Thank you God for taking her cancer away. God, please ease her suffering now.Thank you for praying for Judy. God Bless!

Gustavo C

Prayer Petition for: Strength in trying times
Dear brothers:
I wanted to ask for prayer for Andrea Emilia, for the C family and for me, for the liberation of all evil spirits, be it of mind, spirit, or body. For the healing, liberation and needs of the genealogical trees of the C, R, A, S families and for the eternal rest of their deceased. Thank you very much and may the Lord bless you!


I pray for healing in my back. I pray for continuation of getting my health insurance benefits. I pray for good health for my elderly mother and mother in law. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, please pray for me.

Deacon Larry and Mary Lynn

Prayer Petition for: Peaceful passing
for Bill M, who is losing his battle to lung cancer & now kidney failure. Help his conversion of heart to return to the faith and comfort him and his passing as his last days/hours are approaching. Relieve his pain. May God have mercy, St Peregrine, St. Joseph and Blessed Mary pray for him.

Hans Anthony

Prayer Petition for: Our youth
For the intentions of the C-T family and A family.

For the following friends of mine and our growth together in friendship and our perseverance in the faith as young Catholics and that we will be generous to whatever vocation God gives to these friends of mine and also for my priestly vocation.

1. Eduardo A
2. Eurico A
3. Filipe G


Please pray for Takuji A’s full recovery from cancer


Good evening,

Please pray for the success of my brother Louw's (Lawrence) hip replacement surgery and hernia procedure on
March 22, and for his good recovery.

Thank you very much.
God bless you!

Theresa G

Please pray for Ian S for his birthday 3/15.

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