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Glory and Praise to our most Holy Trinity Thank You all of Heaven for all Blessings received all ways and always Please pray for Kate who is suicidal and for her family for healing and coming to the fullness of the Faith especially for the intentions of St Anthony for Marie having double knee surgery and all involved and in Thanksgiving for Blessings upon all who are helping and praying for me and us Thank you.We offer all Holy Masses all Holy Communions all Good and all Love offered all ways and always Yours in Christ through Mary with a smile! Marie


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
For the final and complete healing of my brain injury, particularly my damaged memory, of my diabetes and of my schizophrenia. For the return to the practice of the Faith of my mother, Angela, 77, mother of seven and a great-grandmother, and of my dear friend, Avril, 49, single, a psychiatric nurse.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
That through the intercession of St. Peregrine that Paul R be completely healed of all cancer and any other pain. Hail Mary, Full of Grace


Prayer Petition for: For my children
Please pray for my son John and his 2 children-our grandkids for complete healing in their relationship.
I claim the healing in Jesus Name!

Ann Agnes

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Of my husband ,daughter ,her husband & his family, my family living & deceased, Healing of
Memories, healing of myself with incurable (hopeful with God the divine physician) for recovery please Thankyou Jesus, Mary Immaculate , St Joseph, need miracles.
For intentions of Fr James Mary Keane & Fr Peter Mary Rookey.


Prayer Petition for: Financial help
Oh my Jesus please bless my parents Luz & Miguel and keep them safe from all illness, enemies and evil. Assist them in all issues and necessities, personal and financial.


Prayer Petition for: For my children
Please pray for all of my children to return to the faith. My youngest daughter is getting married outside the church. Please pray for their salvation. Amen


Stop this lady at work to be stupid with my husband. Thanks

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