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Please heal my mother’s bone cancer. Please heal my father’s stomach, arms and legs. Please heal my knees. Please heal my puppies gastric stomach.. Please heal my puppy Sofia ‘s leg.. Please pray we sell our home ASAP!! Please pray for SALEEM and I for a happy, healthy and prosperous marriage.. Thank you. God bless to all!!!


Please pray for my daughter, molly, that she will be healed of anorexia. Thank you.


Rhoda in hospital AGAIN - with cancer chemo illnesses, then the flu, then pneumonia and now an infection. Please pray God lets her stay here for awhile.


For my sister Silvana break down to found the proper cure possibly to hill and to find company during the week and
Thanks for all your prayer. God bless you all


Please pray for complete healing for Jaime, mother of twin babies who is suffering from bone cancer.


1-soften Al's heart; 2-good health for Nizzie; 3-Gina to return to Catholic Church; 4-love, health, happiness, and Catholic values for my children and grandchildren; 5-financial obligations paid; 6-Pope to do what God wants; 7-abortion to stop; 8-people follow 10 commandments and Catholic church to flourish abundantly ; 9-world peace; 10-my health to improve; 11-my own place


Please pray for the health and healing of my husband Juan's prostate cancer, that his PSA level miraculously lowers very soon, for the continued health and healing of my granddaughter Loren's remission from leukemia, for the health and healing of all the children from GOLDEN HEART PROJECT.These children all suffer from various types of cancer, including my granddaughter Loren, for the health and healing of my friend Elizabeth, who was diagnosed with lupus, and for Jasmine, age 14, who tried to commit suicide twice. Thank you.

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