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For Barbara who was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. I sent to her one of the cards I received from you.
Thank you, Fathers!


Good afternoon,

Please pray for two sisters:
1. For the success and good outcome of Sallie's second surgery on March 28 for removal of a lump which has increased in size.
2. For the complete healing of Julia who also had surgery a while ago.
Also please pray for both their husbands and families. Thank you very much.


Prayer Petition for: Drug problem
Please pray for Sherrie, Shirley, Stan and Clifton. Also please pray for Wendy, Keith, John and Khan. Marc, Portia, Brian, Sean, Ansol and Lance require prayer as well. Hamp(Sir) needs prayer with Donovan, Dexter, Doug, Khamani, Kameron, Kristina and Damar. Also Regina needs prayer with Susan and Denisha. Their friends, Family members, neighbors, affiliates, associates, colleagues and relatives also need prayer. Thank you.


Prayer Petition for: Employment
Testimony: I praise God through the Blessed Virgin Mary, saint Joseph, my Guardian angel, all theSaints and intercessors for blessing me with an employment. On August 4, 2021, I lost my job. Since Dec 29, 2022, every Thursday from 10:30 PM to 3AM, I joined the Precious Blood of Jesus devotion group at the adoration Chapel. And I believe Jesus delivers by the power of his precious blood. AMEN Glory to the Blood of Jesus. AMEN.


A prayer for my friends mother fighting cancer


Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
Please pray for my Aunt Patricia Ann that she is in heaven with all her love ones. Please let her be the angel that looks over her family.


Prayer Petition for: Return to the Church
Cure of End Stage Kidney Disease

Families’ Reconcilation


Please pray for the success of my business.

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