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Rosa G

For health & healing of my husband Juan, he's had radiation treatments for cancerous brain tumor, getting chemotherapy treatments for prostate cancer spreading to brain, lung, & back bones; please pray for miraculous healing of all cancer & no bad side effects from treatments, for health & healing of my 9 yr. old granddaughter Loren's leukemia, for health & healing of 9 yr. old Aaron who relapsed from leukemia for 2nd time, for health & healing of my cousin Diana's bone cancer & paralyzed legs, for health & healing of my brother Reynaldo's health issues, for health & healing of all children from "GOLDEN HEART PROJECT" who suffer from different types of cancers, & for health & healing of all my family & friends suffering from cancer & other illnesses. Thank you.


Evil will leave all areas of my life: physical, financial, employment, relationship and spiritual. I will be successful in securing and keeping an appropriate job. Thank you.

Kathy W

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
My prayer is for my cancer that it is healed completly.

James D

Prayer Petition for: Family harmony
Family Healing


Prayer Petition for: Our youth
Please pray for all those who have lost loved ones through natural or violent and accidental ways. Pray also for those that are imprisobed againstvtheir will, unjustly or just imprisoned and for those who have endured terrible ordeals and gave to now face a different life.


Prayer Petition for: Strength in trying times
I pray that my mental illness remain in remission and that I be restored to sanity. I pray that God will give me the means and opportunity to prove that I am not dgs and that I am ready for restoration. I pray that my cyst will go away and that I do not have to have surgery. I pray for the physical and mental healing of my mother, uncles, cousins, aunts. I pray for my nieces and my nephews. I pray that my staffing will go well and that the evaluation will be favorable. Jesus in YOU I trust.


Prayer Petition for: Devotion to Mary
Please most precious Lord Jesus, Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, St. Peregrine, and all of God’s dear holy Angels and Saints, my dear husband, Jeffrey, is battling cancer. Please, I pray, I beg, in our dear Lord Jesus’ most holy and divine Name, and through the most powerful intercession of great St. Peregrine, that he be completely healed and restored to good health and strength, soul and body, and live a full and blessed life for many, many long, long years to come, fulfilling our dear Lord’s most divine and holy Will for him here on earth. I pray for the intentions of all posting their prayer petitions on this site, and for all in need of our prayers. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all of my faith and trust in Thee! JSTGEHDC

Patrick Stasen

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Prayers for my father-in-law who is battling lung cancer.

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