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Prayer Petition for: Peace of mind
Lord Jesus & Mary i bring you all my hurt, pain & sins of my anger * your child *


Prayer Petition for: Devotion to Mary
Please pray for Rev Mr David that the Lord will continue to watch over him, bless him with His love and continue to serve God. May the Blessed Mother Mary continue to intercede for him. Amen.


For Luisa B that she may receive the grace of healing from cancer


Please pray for me and my husband who got married Saturday and still have not been able to consummate our marriage because it seems my husband is having an issue with at least partial impotence. I want to have a baby and cannot go on like this. Maybe we need a miracle. I trust in St. Joseph's intercession. St. Joseph pray for us!


Prayer Petition for: Employment
December first is my 32 years of birthday. Please, pray for me on my special day for my personal intentions. I ask God through Jesus Christ and by the interception of my Blessed Mother Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph to grow in Holiness and to imitate perfectly the life of Jesus. Also, I pray for success in my graduated studies to graduate with the highest honor. I pray to be blessed in my career. And I pray for God to open doors for me so I can successful land a position (job) soon in my field of studies. Lastly, I pray for a Holy and chaste wedding, marriage , and Holy and genius Catholic spouse and Children. AMEN


Prayer Petition for: Employment

Kim G

Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
That Marie (Bitsy) Richard Hyer will enter into the gates of heaven.

Alan D

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please continue your prayers for Alan's schizophrenia illness, there has been a reduction in the psychotic voices that he hears. Thank you.

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