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Please pray for Eileen. She is anorexic. The affliction touches everyone in the family. She is very young and battles the voice within that demand she refrain from food. Please, dear Lady, heal this beautiful child

May I also ask for the healing of Billy. A vet whose anger has separated home from his family of brothers, sisters mom, dad, aunts, uncles and all his past relationships. How I miss him. Please, dear Lady, bless all of us and heal us from this awful separation
Sincerest gratitude,


Prayer Petition for: For my children


Please pray for my little boy, Tommy, and his full healing from the brain tumors. Thank you Lord for healing my little boy. Amen.

Ken F

Prayer Petition for: For my spouse
Pray for my wife Tamara, who is battling breast cancer.

Jim M

Prayer Petition for: Physical health


please pray for my brother who is in the hospital suffers from asthma and high bp. Please help me financially to provide them for their needs and hospitalization. I need your healing prayer for him Amen.

Eddie Russo

Prayer Petition for: Our youth
For my great friend Deacon John of San Marco Island Florida. At San Marco we are an approved parish to have the Novena of Our Sorrowful Mother since 1982 and we been praying the Novena every single Monday 52 weeks a year since 1982 I happen to be Blessed to become the leader of the Novena for the past four years. Every single person I prayed for healing has been healed in the past four years. We all know how special this Novena is and I plan on carrying it on until I'm called home. Deacon John does the Benediction for the Novena when he can, he is suffering from cancer and tomorrow Sept. 12 he is getting his results after months of treatments. We pray for Deacon John everyday and every Novena. We ask our Blesses Virgin Mary to have John to please receive good news of "no cancer" from his test results tomorrow when he see the doctor for the news. Thank you and Bless you


That Florance herricane does not come here in Maryland
For all those suffering for this
Healing for Charlie. Amy Juddee Stanley Mary Lou CJ
Joe and Bobby
For the repose of the soul Bryan my nephew &
His family who mourn his loss
For the Church & Pope & Bishop who are going through the sexual abuse scandal
For all the Abuse Victums especially Patrick
For Ann and all caregivers
For USA and Trump God’s blessings and.
Guidance from the Holy Spirit

Thank You

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