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Prayer Petition for: All Souls
Repose of the souls of: Joseph and Amelia Pierri

Rose and Robert Pierri
Pasqualina and John Damiani
Mary and Ernest Parmel
Helen Hubbard
Theresa McShane
Helene Sadar
Carol O'Connell
Marion Somsky
Angelo and Anthony Pierri
Vito, Josephine and Joseph Valenti
Carmen Tunaitis
Laura Castagnola
Dolores and Michael Baxter
Anthony, Angela and Dominic Damiani
Joseph and Antoinette Antonucci
Mamie and Tina Forrester
Julia and James Kerrigan
Rose Marzullo
James Eakins
Sister Marie Kevin

Peter S

Prayer Petition for: All Souls
For all of family and friends living and deceased plus everyone else that I said I would pray for

Barbara L

Prayer Petition for: Strength in trying times
Daughter Amy Woodard fighting cancer for 1 1/2 years Brother Nick passed from cancer July this year --found out today his wife Linda has lung cancer--left lung almost gone -treatment to start tomorrow 10/25,2018---all I can think of is one partner dies and the other follows within 6 months--seen this happen--she is terminal.

Sister Stella Maris

John Evangelist Craven
Erline Meyer Craven
Lawrence Joseph Craven
Barbara Cain a Craven
Joyce Tucker Craven
John Fred Ernest Meyer
Viola Fuseler Meyer
William Edward Craven
Mary Ann Tumbleston Craven
Gerald Craven
William Craven
Jean Meyer
Fred Meyer
Claude Meyer
Walter Creaven,Jr.
David Craven
Barbara Craven Bennett
Vincent Craven
Mary Craven


Prayer Petition for: All Souls
Margaret Arsenault
Arthur MacLean
John MacLean
Helen MacLean
Joey MacLean
Emily Bradbury


Prayer Petition for: All Souls
Please pray for the souls of john Dunne-Brady,Mary and Gus Brady, Rita and Thomas Dunne, Mary Schweid, Dorothy and William Egbers, also Thelma and Scott.

thank you!


Prayer Petition for: All Souls
My deceased husband, John I. Brown III

Paul P

Prayer Petition for: Devotion to Mary
For understanding God's will regarding Marian Devotion.

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