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Philip & Connie

Prayer Petition for: All Souls
For the repose of the soul of Connie’s father who entered into rest on October 21, 2018


Prayer Petition for: All Souls
for peace and health for family and friends,for the USA in up coming elections and most of all faithfulness to Jesus Christ for us all


Prayer Petition for: For my parent(s)
Francis Nardi RIP


Prayer Petition for: All Souls
For the souls of :
James C. Anton
Mary and Philip Apruzzese
Dorothy and Joseph Anton
Dorothy and Max Emery
Ralph Suter
Mildred and John Nedosko
Veronica and Charles Apruzzese
Helen and Angelo Mancarella
For all those in the Anton and Apruzzese family who have passed away


Prayer Petition for: All Souls
For the forgotten Souls. For the Souls in Purgatory. For all those who died whose names I keep in my memory.


Prayer Petition for: All Souls
Please pray for the souls of my wonderful parents, Ronald and Elizabeth Snorek and my sweet Aunt Suzie Krohn.


Prayer Petition for: Strength in trying times
I pray for my friend as he battles stage IV lung cancer. May he find the strength to continue treatments to manage his pain and slow the growth of the tumors that have now spread. Give his family the strength they need to help him, and pray that the lord sees fit to grant him just a little more time on Earth. At 47, he is far too young to be taken from us. Amen.

Lugoloobi L

Prayer Petition for: Financial help
Mother Mary you know God has blessed me with 10 children,Felix20,Bernard 18,Resty16,Mary Margret 14,Kevin 12,Doreen9,Lillian7,Pauline7,Patrick4,and Edgar4.You have enabled me feed them,send them to school and moreso,gift of life. Mother now am in a financial crisis yet they all need basics.Assist me in way possible get out this financial problems,yield me more capital in business to cater for them.

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