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Mrs. Barbara

Prayer Petition for: Financial help
Fora financial miracle.

For a decent job for my daughter a cancer survivor with 5 children.

For the release of holy souls in purgatory.


For my family Fred, Ardith, & Eric -
daily increase in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


For my son Eric:
Good study for successful completion of professional certification exams.

Katherine K

Prayer Petition for: All Souls
Please pray for all souls - living and dead - and those in Purgatory that God's mercy may flow over them! That God's light will touch them!

Thank you!

God bless you and all your work!

Yadebel S O

Prayer Petition for: Family harmony


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please pray for me I am really worried as I have to undergo tests and I am fearing the worst. Please help my health to be okay and for me to be healed. Thank you

Ken S

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
That I have healing in my body from this discomfort and pain


Prayer Petition for: For my children
For my daughter, Lily. That she find peace and gratitude and love in her heart and in her mind, and know that I love her forever.

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