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Prayer for daughter Samantha for healing from bleeding, insulin resistance, liver problems, psoriasis.
Samantha is a loving mother of 7, husband is John


Prayer Petition for: Devotion to Mary
For Eucharistic Revival to spread through the whole world
For Pope Francis and all priests and religious
For all my family and friends
For Earl
To live in the Divine Will
For all the intentions of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
For the prayer intentions of Ray

Alexander W

Prayer Petition for: Devotion to St. Peregrine
For healing and peace of mind for a friend’s wife who has just discovered a tumor on her spine.


Please pray for the Intercessors of the Trinity core team and their families for their protection against all evil (spiritual warfare). Place us underneath his shield (Psalm 91) for spiritual protection.
Pray for all the intentions of those that come to our prayer group each Tues evening.
Special prayers for:
(1) K Family- for protection for all family members
(2) Prayers for success of our fundraising campaign
(3) Bob-(94) pancreatic cancer
(4) IOTT Finance Committee-protection
(5) Christine’s sister-ALS
(6) Release psalm 91 over “THE AMAZING PARISH “Conference. For all of those involved with the conference workers, and attendees! Awaken your church! Amen
(7) Release psalm 91 over Fr John Paul to shepherd and guide St Frances Cabrini parish
(8) Prayers for those affected by COVID19, healing and protection for our country
(9) Ken-cancer, for total healing
(10) Michael-for total healing of voices constantly in his head . Asking for strength, protection, wisdom , total healing, take away all fear
(11) Duane-healing from addiction
(12) Susan-colon cancer
(13) Cody-young man in 20’s just entered prison for 15 years due to incident from several years ago, prayers for protection, peace, to keep his faith, to remain strong
(14) Kelli-has vertigo can't seem to find the cause and it is not getting much better, next step is to see neurologist


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
May my cousins health/ breast CA be caught early and she be safely treated. May she recover with minimal invasive treatment and all the CA be removed without any complications. May God be guiding the doctors and St. Peregrine Laziosi hold onto her and keep her anxiety at bay, in Jesus name, Amen.

Br Stanislaw OSB

Prayer Petition for: Devotion to St. Peregrine
For the healing of Wendy from breast cancer. Also I would like to ask St Peregrine to help me also: For the reconciliation with a person right this very moment--it is so important! Also for conversion of mind and heart.
Thank you. God Bless you!


Prayer Petition for: Our youth
Hello, My name is Konnor, I am a youth minister at Light of the World Catholic Church in Littleton, CO. I ask for your prayers for our youth ministry program this year. Specifically, we have a BIG EVENT coming up on October 30th, 2022 when international speaker, Jason Evert will be here to speak about Chastity and gender ideology to our middle school and high school kids and parents. We ask for prayers for the Lord to bring all kids and parents in the Denver area whom he wishes to hear this message and for open, repentant, and transformed hearts. Also for the protection of this event and all those working to put it on and for all those who will attend! Thank You in advance for your prayers!


Prayer Petition for: Strength in trying times
Lord you have hurt me more than any mortal man will ever hurt me * I trusted you Lord I was vulnerable & you took advantage * you dangled in my face what could be then closed the door in my face even now in January 2022 * i bring you Lord ALL my hurt, pain & sins of my anger * I know Lord you could hardly care you used me & cheated me & I will look forward to facing you when I pass over * let me assure you Lord you have NOT filled the shoes of my earthly father who died so young & I was young * I am your child who you have forsaken BUT whatever you put at my feet Lord I WAS THERE FOR YOU *

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