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Prayer Petition for: Happy marriage
Please pray for Erika and Darrel's relationship so that their love will continue to be strong, to prosper and grow. eliminating selfishness and misunderstanding from their relationship. Hopefully they can love and support each other, May their loyalty for one another remain strong and immutable. always filled with compassion, kindness, forgiveness, patience, wisdom, understanding, and gratitude. Let their love grow each day in an unshakeable union that will shine Your light on all who know them. May they lay any and all differences aside and quiet the ego mind that wants to make the other wrong in any way, Darrel to be a loyal man for erika, not be tempted to turn away from all the trials and tribulations that lie ahead. May they share life's challenges together as a strong, unified and loving couple. May they feel the love and support of all who surround them. Please continue to protect them from negative influences. please God renew their love for each other every day. May their relationship reflect the light of Jesus to everyone around them. May the Lord bless their relationship and may they always keep Him a part of their love for each other. amen

Diana C

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please pray for my nephew David, my brother Manuel and his wife Elena and my sister-in-law's mom Anita. They are all fighting this COVID right now. 2 are in the hospital. Please keep the rest of our family safe. Please Blessed Mother, hear our cries! Please intercede for us and show the ones in our family that don't believe, a Christmas miracle! Thank you!


Prayer Petition for: Vocations
Please Pray for me Derek
I'm suffering persecution
St Michael Archangel protect us


Prayer Petition for: For my children
Pray for Zach M to complete his degree in cyber security, graduate & be commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in the Army. For Teresa D to soon be promoted to Major in the Army. Thank you for prayers answered . Matthew M to complete his drill sergeant class at the top of his class and be promoted to an E-7. Please continue your prayers for my income taxes to promptly be processed with are NO audits, fines penalties with a fast refund. Also prayers For Astria, Trinity, Blaire &Anastasia to receive healing and that their success in divorcing person who is hurting them. Financial aid and gains for my entire family. Help me hire the right attorney for a successful adoption of my grandson.


Prayer Petition for: Devotion to St. Peregrine
Through the intercession of St. Peregrine, please heal my daughter of cancer and any other ailments she has. Please let her live a long, healthy and happy life with a wonderful husband, children, family and career. Please help her come out of her surgery on January 11 cancer free.


Please pray for Tom L who has had a heart attack. Kristina and Tom where very close to Fr. Rookey. Thank you

Patty B

Prayer Petition for: Physical health
For my friend, Yvonne, who is being treated for cancer. Through the intercession of St. Peregrine, may God heal her body and hold her in the palm of his hand.


I pray for Sr. Sylvie Marie and for her religious and spiritual family. I pray for Mrs. Lynn, for justice on behalf of Courtney, who has murdered, and for my family. I pray for a Jourdan and Elizabeth who desire to conceive. I pray for Fr. Chad and for the repose of the souls of the faithful departed-especially Fr. Jose, Jennifer, and Leon. May God grant comfort and consolation to their loved ones. I pray that I might fulfill God's will and become holy.

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