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Prayer Petition for: Family harmony
Please dear God sever any and all negativity in all of our lives. Please bring back and save S’s true spirit, self, and soul that is loving, kind and caring. Thank you for getting all of us in the protection of the dome with only God’s light and love in it. Please protect O and A from all negativity from S and his mother at all times. Let us to always see God’s truth and to see past all of the obstacles and illusions of the negativity, to hear only your voice dear God and be guided by your love and truth. Please make us victorious over the battle with the negativity and live a great and loving life through God’s grace. Amen.


Prayer Petition for: Family harmony
Please pray for my family. I have a son who my current partner is not his father and they do not get along. It has been very stressful for me. All I want is for them to learn to respect each other. We also ask for a prayer to help us achieve to be able to conceive. Thank you very much for the prayer.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
please can you kindly pray for complete healing of Brenda's uterine cancer. She is my girlfriend and future wife, diagnosed today with stage one uterine cancer. she is rather young and we have a bright future ahead of us, I ask this in Jesus name amen


Please pray for Jonathan S to be cured of his brain cancer.
Thank you


Prayer Petition for: Strength in trying times
St Peregrine thank you for all your intercession. I pray for peace, freedom, liberty from the conrep program and the crt. Jesus I trust in You.


Prayer Petition for: Family harmony
Intentions to pray for young and old couples whose union is blessed by God. For youth especially those who are without religious parents. For all those who feel lonely, depressed, afraid, hopeless, especially due to the pandemic. For all those who are persecuted and victims of crime. For prisoners and criminals. For the addicted. For all of us sinners who are slaves to our sins.


Good afternoon,

Please pray for the good outcome of my brother Louw's blood test tomorrow, and his doctor's appointment on October 7.

Thank you very much.

God bless you.



Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
I pray for Henry Gomez

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