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For the repose of the souls of:
Hector Gaspar
Margaret Harlan
Dorothy Pulapallil
Grace Givens
Paddy Woods
John Woods
Dave & Una Woods

Sylvie M

Eternal life with God for Teresa M (my motther) and Fr Peter C.
For healing, courage and strength for:
Bert M, my father, who is beginning cancer treatment.
Wayne C, stage 4 lung cancer
Maria halmonie, who has pancreatic cancer
Hampton W, who has prostate cancer
Tim C, prostate cancer
Donna C, breast cancer
Edward G, prostate cancer.
Michael P, prostate
St Peregrine - deepest gratitude for your intercession, comfort & hope provided to me and all those with cancer.

Nathan R

Prayer Petition for: Financial help
Please pray for the healing of any sickness and infirmities; protection from evil and danger; and for financial help and improvement for my family (Rommel, Cynthia, Kyle, Nathan, Melannie, and Oogie). And please pray for my Birthday blessings.


Prayer Petition for: Devotion to Mary
Please pray for me
I'm suffering persecution

Lori H

Prayer Petition for: Devotion to St. Peregrine
For Kevin who has cancer and has to go through chemotherapy again

gg Pak

- Alex had breast cancer and now in her lungs and bones. Prayers for miracles.
- Sascha E was inside a terrible car crash. Pray for her and her mom, Belinda Harris. 
- Helen, who is 90 and is suffering  from Dementia and has no family or social support.
- Rebecca and Linda for proper healing. 
- Monsignor M
- Mrs T, and their family for their unborn son  
- Repose of souls:
+ Ruby
+ Ambrose. 
+ All Souls in Purgatory.


- Monsignor M.
- Rylee B.
- Tyna D.
- Denise A.
- St. Joseph, please help the family who's looking for employment this holiday season.
- Protection and support for our Bishop and Priests, Nuns, Deacons, Seminarians and Religious brothers and Sisters.  
- Pray for Wally to return home soon.
- Pray for all those who have fallen away from the faith. They will return to God and come back to Church.


Prayer Petition for: Strength in trying times
For my Mother, Lupe, who is healing from a femur surgery. I pray that she feels renewed daily strength to keep pushing forward on this road to recovery.

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