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Prayer Petition for: Vocations
To serve in the church as a priest, to be accepted by congregation or diocese regardless of my age


Prayer Petition for: Vocations
Fund to facilitate my vocation


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please pray for a friends son named Michael T who had a fall; hit his head and had a seizure and is now in a coma.
Please pray for his total healing.
I also ask for prayer of healing for my Uncle Emilio’s heart.
For healing of John Joseph W
For all of our families and cenacle members and their families.
For all of the people we are mourning
For Mike and Eileen F's healing and all those people listed in our prayer book and all who I’ve promised to pray for.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Prayers please for a safe procedure for my uncle who is having a. Pacemaker after having some fainting and heart issues. His name is Emilio.

Neha S

Prayer Petition for: Respect for life
Lord you have seen my struggle for long. Whatever I have done it was only for my family. We were so happy even if we were not financially sound. 2020 year has changed our lives.. my mother got covid she was hospitalized at critical stage by yiur grace she came home safe. My marriage talks ended with the person I have been in touch. So much pain everyday that I was living with. 2021 July my mother is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer spread to liver 4th stage.. dr. Denied surgery and started chemo treatment. We were all shattered broken our close family members also left us. Since then it has affected our lives..mentally physically emotionally wee all are broken. But by your grace my mother is responding well tp the treatment. You are there with us. But somehow All this pain has shattered me.. I lost all respect in office lost promotion lost confidence of speaking in public completely isolated. Please lord have mercy on us. Heal my mother and bless my family. Pls bless me with the wonderful a d loving life partner. Pls help me to get my respect confidence back..

Kim G

Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
Brenda Tamberella Stagni

Kim G

Prayer Petition for: Safe travel
That we will have a safe trip and a fun and exciting vacation.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Prayer for me for my total and complete healing of my breast cancer, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial healing. I will be cancer free for a lifetime. My cyst in my left breast & thyroid will melt away. Thank you & God bless us all.

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