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Prayer Petition for: Family harmony
Please guide me and help me find a solution for my daughter’s situation. Please keep her and her children safe. Help Shirantha to open his heart and not follow through on his rash and impulsive ideas. Open his heart so that he can find and accept God. Please put a containment barrier around all of the negativity, show them God’s light and love but allow no harm to me or my family. Please heal my arthritis so I can move and walk again without the severe chronic pain and help me find self-discipline to lose my excess weight. Please dear God help me acquire the money needed to provide for myself and my family for now and in the future. I know that with your love all things are possible. Please show me what I need to do. Please help Tayah with her health and help Charity to find a job and her way back to God. Please let my dad’s probate hearing end as quickly, peacefully and positively as possible. Please restore Sonia’s health and heal her so that her cancer can go back into remission. Please give us the courage and strength and clarity to find the right solution, your solution. Amen


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Through the power of divine grace, God's healing power, and the intercession of
ST. PEREGRINE, healing has been given to LORNA M., and ANGELITA R., both of them suffered cancer and tumors.
THANK YOU for your prayers


For a friend in a time of occupational and financial hardship.


Prayer Petition for: Devotion to St. Peregrine
Please pray and send prayers to Patricia for healing from Cancer


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
I noticed something that could be an indentation and I am worried about breast cancer. Please let this be a false alarm. Please ask Jesus to heal my mind and body. Please ask the Archangel Raphael to intercede on my behalf.


Prayer Petition for: For my parent(s)
Please pray for my Mother, Dolores, that she does not die. That she can breath well on her own, to show the blood thinners are working on the blood clots. She doesn't have COVID-19. The doctor say the blood clots are from surgery she had 11 years ago and they are now traveling out of her legs. Please pray she stays stable. Please, I beg you to pray for her. While scanning for blood clots, they found a tumor on her kidney and they don't know if it is cancer. She has known she has the tumor for 7/8 years, and didn't want surgery because she was afraid of dying. She is 85 now. Please pray for the tumor not to be cancer.


Prayer Petition for: For my parent(s)
Dear Friar Servants of Mary; requesting Happy Mother's Day Prayers & Blessings for my Mom Virginia, and all Moms, Grandmoms of the World. Thank You, GC


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Amanda and my son we both have a rare gain of function stat one Gene mutation and please pray for my only caregiver Denise that she is well and not sick anymore that she is strengthen and that she has the strength to go on in Jesus name amen, please pray for Denise's daughters T and J and Ts husband and there children and J's husband that they can mend there relationship with Denise , and Denise wants to move by them in California from Pennsylvania and take my son and I with her

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