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Rosa G

Eternal Rest For Parents Bernabe & Consuelo Lopez Grandparents Juan & Paula Silva & Petra De Anda Twin Baby Sons Juanito & Justito Garza Brothers Roberto & Ricardo & Ernesto Lopez & Uncles Aunts Pablo & Hortencia Rodriguez & Guadalupe & Adelina Maldonado & Lorenzo & Julia Martinez & Olga Migett & Maria Del Jesus Arredondo & Santos Hinojosa & Juanita & Pepa De Anda & Pirita & Friends Rowen Windham & Daniel Montemayor & Joe Mongia & Parents Joe Sr & Lilia & Max Banda & Enrique Salazar & Bertita Martinez & Angela Sepulveda

Ann B

Prayer Petition for: For my parent(s)

Veronica C

John X Bettencourt
Mary L Bettencourt
Joe F Coelho
Frank G Borba, Jr
Jimmy Borba
Wesley Coelho
Clarance Parreira
Lorraine Parreira
Hans Reitsma
Jeff Curti
Louis V Costa
Rosa Costa
Jose Coelho
Maria Coelho
A P Oliveira
Virginia Oliveira
Parents of John X Bettencourt
Alfred Costa
Pauline Costa
Bernadette Gisvold
Collette Lorenzo
Louie Costa
Estelle Costa
Shirley Costa
Rose Annin
Rhonda Veirra
Shirley Bettencourt
All forgotten souls in purgatory

Teresa C

Prayer Petition for: For my parent(s)
Repose of the souls of my parents, Wayne Hannah and Maureen Dorcy Hannah


Prayer Petition for: Return to the Church
John McK and Etta K


Please pray for Kareem, Jamaal, Keith and MItzi for Physical, spiritual healing. Guidance and protection. In The Name of Jesus Christ. Thank you.

Helen K

Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
Mike & parents Mickey & Eugenia Krone, my parents Edward & Harumi Hasegawa & sister Carol Tesoro, all deceased relatives & friends, those I have enrolled, all poor souls in purgatory especially those who have no one to pray for them & my prayer list.

Louis O

Poor Souls.
Deceased: Elizabeth Ott, Sarolta Puppak, members of the Ott, Orosz, Puskas, Martincsak, and Balla families

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