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In Thanksgiving for your prayers for Jonathan who had brain surgery for a tumor on Thursday. He did well in the procedure and is recovering. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. May the peace of Christ be with Jonathan and his family and may he continue to recover and return home with his family.

Mary N

Prayer Petition for: Repose of one's soul
For the repose of the soul of Frances Anne Moseley-Keller and for the comfort of her sister Joan and family

Michelle c

I pray to love God and the Blessed Mother and to go to Heaven when I die for eternity. Help me Holy Spirit to be Holy. Amen.

Jane P

For my son Brett who has liver cancer and diagnosed about a yr ago …I have prayed to st Peregrine and he is doing well….amen …


Prayer Petition for: Devotion to Mary


Please pray for the physical, emotional, financial and mental well-being of Eva, Diane, Markie, Harley, Evelyn, Cesar, Todd and Delia. For a happy marriage for Cesar and Diane, that they have a healthy baby. For Cesar and Diane to have a secure job with no problems with the boss or co-workers. For Todd's class to behave and not give Todd problems. Thank you


I ask that this trouble in the Ukraine not escalate into atomic bomb war. I ask that war inclined men be shown a better way. I thank You for these gifts.


1. Healing of my dad’s cancer
2. Daily provisions and financial assistance
3. Clarity in making a sound decision in according to God’s will
4. Favorable response to my application
5. Protection and safety from all evil
6. Wisdom, guidance and patience to raise my son
7. Completion of project

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