Would you like us to pray for your special intention? Tell us what it is and we would be honored to include it in our daily prayers. Just tell us your special intention(s) below. They will be included in the prayers and Masses of The Servants of Mary here and around the world.

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Fr.Tony's 86th birthday,also healing of the body. Thank you!


Prayer Petition for: Happy marriage
Please pray for the physical, emotional, mental and financial well-being of Eva and Diane. For Cesar and Diane to stop fighting and have a happy marriage. That they will be able to have children. Thank you.


Prayer Petition for: Vocations
Please Pray for me. I'm suffering Persecution
St Michael Archangel Protect us


Prayer Petition for: Devotion to St. Peregrine
Complete healing for Suzanne C., for broken right leg, and also for a prompt resolution to her petition (appeal) for Annulment. The petition has been in process for nearly 3 years!

Also, pray for Nicholas C., age 18, who is suffering from food allergies and severe facial acne. May he be restored totally and completely.

For the conversion of sinners, especially Mary C., a college student at Loyola, who has lost her way. Please place someone in her path who will show her the Truth and please allow her heart and mind to be open to the Truth.

In Jesus's name, we pray. Thank you.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
I pray for healing of my sister.


Prayer Petition for: Devotion to St. Peregrine
I pray for peace, freedom, liberty for us. I pray that God will grant that I get restored to sanity. I pray I will not have a jury trial, I will not take the stand I will not change rooms. I pray for the physical and mental healing of my mother, uncle, cousins, aunts, brother, sister, nieces, nephews, friends and myself. Jesus I trust in You.


Prayer Petition for: Physical health
Please bring healing to Carmela M. who will be having surgery for pancreatic cancer this week.

If it is not the Lord's will that she be cured, please bring her blessings and consolations. Allow me to help her in the most appropriate and Christ like way.


Prayer Petition for: Respect for life
Prayer petition for healing for Denis R Who is going through radiation for esophageal cancer.please pray that the cancer be taken away from him as he is in so much pain and suffering! Mother Mary please lay your healing hands on him.

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